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Concat string fields in various rows to a single row

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    Tomas Pavlas
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    Hi Fabien,

    There are more ways to achieve concatenation of all string fields in CloverDX. The most common way is to use the Denormalizer component which is designed to join data fields.
    See our documentation about the Denormalizer here.

    As an example, I created a simple table of data that looks like this:

    In the Denormalizer, in Denormalize field you can use a CTL code that looks like this:

    // This creates 3 lists of strings
    string[] fields1;
    string[] fields2;
    string[] fields3;

    function integer append() {

          //This snippet will fill the lists with data from all fields
    append(fields1, $in.0.field1);
    append(fields2, $in.0.field2);
    append(fields3, $in.0.field3);
          //return length of the lists

    return length(fields1);

    function integer transform() {

    //In the transform function itself we use the JOIN function to print
    //those lists as one single field using different delimiters defined
    $out.0.field1 = join("",fields1);
    $out.0.field2 = join(" ",fields2);
    $out.0.field3 = join(";",fields2);

        return OK;

    See our documentation about string functions here.

    The result then could look like this:

    I  hope this will help.

    Best regards, Tom.

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