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How to do lists with MySQL native-ish-ly

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    Lukas Cholasta
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    Hi uykusuZzZz,

    It appears the MySQL database does not support any type of list containers or similar. That is why it doesn't work if you try to insert a CloverDX list into the database. As this is a limitation of the MySQL database there is nothing we can do from the CloverDX side to make this work "as is".

    You will need to create a workaround. One way might be to use Reformat component to concatenate the values of the list into one delimited string and insert that into the database. Nevertheless, this is not very elegant solution as the database is basically trying to force you not to use lists. Here is quite nice explanation.

    Another way is to insert the values as they should be, i.e. each value to a separate row. This can be achieved with a Normalizer component within CloverDX.

    When you decide to use either of the ways described above, you can create a subgraph containing all the logic required to achieve the right result and then re-use the subgraph whenever it's needed.

    Let me know if you have any questions, please.

    Best regards.

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