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BufferUnderflowException while transforming json data

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    This seems to be an already discovered data issue that has been dealt with in newer versions of CloverDX. However, the improvement has been released with version 5.6.1 and this version doesn't come with the Open Source engine anymore. If you are interested in testing your data on the newer version, you can download a fully functional CloverDX Designer, which you can use for 45 days on a free trial basis. If you would like to evaluate the CloverDX Designer, please, click here.

    Unfortunately, there is no way I could reproduce your issue without having your exact data files. Therefore, I am also not able to provide any suitable workaround. Anyway, in a situation like this, there are a couple of things I would check/tested:
    1. Phases - in data issues (big files, subsequent transformations, and merging), it is usually helpful to move the next action to a different phase. So far, I can see that you have everything in phase 1.
    2. Edge types - you can try testing other types of edge. For more information about edge types please see the following page
    3. Delimiters - Sometimes data issues are caused by the sudden appearance of an unexpected delimiter in a file. This is also worth checking.
    I am sorry that I could not be of better assistance. Thanks for understanding and have a nice day, Eva

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