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JSONExtract fails when run command line.

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    Vladimir Barton
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    Hi Tony,

    Unfortunately, CloverETL Designer version 4.8 is considered as EOL (end-of-life) for more than 4 years now and we no longer provide support or updates for this version. Additionally, the community version of the Designer tool was discontinued shortly after that and there is currently no plan to change that in the near future.

    As for your question, there is indeed an overlap between the amount of components provided by the Community version of the CloverETL Designer and the CloverETL Engine but they are not exactly the same. What exists in the former does not necessarily exist in the latter and vice versa. I would suggest registering a free account in our customer portal and sign up for a 45-day trial with the latest version of CloverDX Designer and Server available (5.15.1) and test them out.


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