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Continue JobFlow If A Single Node Fails

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    Tomas Pavlas
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    If you want the jobflow to continue even if the DeleteFiles component does not have anything to delete, you should do two things:

    1. Set the Stop processing on fail property to false. So even if the file doesn’t exist, the component will continue to process the next input.

    2. If you don’t want to have error messages or job failures, you can prevent that by simply connecting another component to Output port 1 of the DeleteFiles.
      The DeleteFiles will send the error message on the edge to the other component. You can use the FlatFilerWriter so those error messages will be stored in a File, or if you use something like a Success component, they can be reviewed in Job Inspector, but will not be stored.

    I hope this will help.

    Best regards, Tom.

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    Thank you so much Tomas! This solution worked just as desired. I chose to add a FlatFileWriter to output 1 on the DeleteFiles component so I could capture the error messages in case there was something else that happened down the road. 

    Thanks again!

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