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CloverDX Handling Big Data and Files

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    Tomas Pavlas
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    This is a tricky question because there are many variables that influence the duration of processing the data.

    The computing power mostly depends on the used Hardware, but in the mentioned use case, if there is a reasonable number of columns, the 45 * 30 000 records are about 1 350 000 records, this can be processed in seconds.

    Other Variables are the number of jobs, graphs, components in them, and time distribution. But generally, hundreds of thousands of records can be processed in minutes even in fairly complicated graphs.

    A very common bottleneck is caused by a lack of system memory, but we are talking about millions and millions of records in very complicated processes.

    So, based on your specifications of the example your use case should be a piece of cake for CloverDX on any hardware.

    Keep in mind that we always recommend trying everything in a test environment first.

    Best regards, Tom.

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