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EmailReader simply not working

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    Vladimir Barton
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    Hi Martin,

    The error message indicates that the server (Microsoft Office Outlook IMAP Server in this case) dropped the connection from the client (CloverDX). I dare to presume it was because you tried to connect by using SFA (single-factor authentication, i.e. username and password) which is not something Microsoft allows by default. As a matter of fact, SFA might already represent a deprecated option in the Microsoft cloud environment.

    A recommended way to go here would be to create a valid OAuth2 connection (MFA - multi-factor authentication) to the Microsoft IMAP server (as described here: and use that connection in the EmailReader component ("OAuth2 connection" property instead of "User Name" and "Password").

    If you stumble upon any issues while establishing a valid OAuth2 connection to Microsoft I'd suggest logging a ticket to CloverDX product support to get additional assistance.

    With regards,



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