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Upload PDF document to external system through an API

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    Vladimir Barton
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    Hello Neelimaj,

    Thank you for reaching out! To fulfill your requirement of sending a file to an external system through a POST API call, we recommend utilizing the HTTPConnector component within CloverDX. The HTTPConnector component allows you to interact with RESTful APIs easily. Regardless of the file type/suffix, here's how you can configure it:

    1. HTTPConnector Component Setup:

      • Add an HTTPConnector component to your CloverDX graph.
      • Configure the "Request method" to POST.
    2. Input File Configuration:

      • For sending the PDF file, you can either hard-code the file path directly into the "Input File URL" property of the HTTPConnector component if the file path is static.


      • If you need dynamic file path mapping, you can take advantage of Input Mapping. You can map the filepath dynamically in CTL using the $out.0.inputFileUrl denotation.
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    Thanks for your response, I am able to send document to external system through api by following these steps and the documentation link:

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