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The Java way of doing the Execute Shell Command and also the Send Email

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    Hana Habrzettlova
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    To address your questions one by one:

    1. An easier option than using the CustomJavaComponent would be to utilize the SystemExecute component which will allow you to run system commands from the CloverDX Designer. For further information please refer to our Documentation website: ... ecute.html

    2. The EmailSender component can be used to send an email from a graph. The logic of this component is to send an email per each record that is sent to the component through an edge, which means that if you only want to send one email once a graph has finished running, the graph needs to be built in such a way to only pass one input record (Success/Failure) to the EmailSender component. You can use the Denormalizer component to create a condition based on which a Success/Failure record can be generated.

    Please review and let me know if you have any further questions!

    Best regards

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