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Using a SQL triggar run a clover graph

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    Vladimir Barton
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    Hello William,

    Unfortunately, there is currently no native feature in CloverDX for this specific task. Nevertheless, the versatility of CloverDX offers a variety of workaround options some of which might depend also on the DB vendor. Generally speaking, there are 2 main features that you can take advantage of: schedules and event listeners.

    One of the possible approaches would be to the schedule a jobflow to run a on regular basis with a relatively short interval (seconds or tens of seconds) that would extract the latest record from a given table and compare it to the record from a previous run. If records don't match the jobflow will trigger the desired graph execution.

    The latter option would depend more on the type/vendor of the DB. Basically, the DB would have to be able to trigger touching/updating a file based on a newly inserted record. Combined with a file event listener set up to listen on such a file, CloverDX would trigger the desired graph execution.

    Feel free to specify your database vendor and version and we can dive into this a bit more.


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