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CloverDX reading 7Zip file contents

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    Vladimir Barton
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    Unfortunately, CloverDX does not support reading (or content listing ) of 7z files natively. The most straight-forward workaround would be to call a 3rd party unzipping tool (such as the 7zip) silently from CloverDX and have it unzip the 7z file content. To do that, you would need to be able to the 7zip utility via command line. Such an unzipping command could then be called from CloverDX by using the ExecuteScript component. Then, you would go on to perform the file listing using ListFiles and presumably, you would follow by deleting the extracted files again using DeleteFiles component.



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    Hi Vladi thank You very much, I will try and see if I can find something else as the problem i am facing is the 7z files are huge and unzipping them and placing them can be an option if the files are like one-off or quarterly but i am going to have these files daily/weekly.

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